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Our Programs

Animal Adoption
Our adoption facility make the hundreds of adoptions each year possible. Please visit our Adoption page to read more!

Community Education Programs
HSSCM offers targeted educational programming to meet community need and to help ensure that in our community, every pet is a wanted pet. Offering programs from early childhood through adult, for people and pets alike, HSSCM's Community Education Programs are making a difference. Click here to learn more about our current offerings.

Canine Training Institute
The Humane Society is pleased to offer Puppy Kindergarten, Dog Obedience and Dog Tricks classes through our Canine Training Institute. All classes are taught in the agency's Binda Education and Training Center. Click here to learn more about HSSCM's puppy and dog classes.

Volunteer Program
The work of this organization is not possible without the support of many volunteers like you who love animals and want to contribute to helping them find loving homes. You CAN make a difference! For more information about the volunteer program click here. Note: HSSCM is not currently accepting new volunteers. Please check back later this summer.

Low Income Spay and Neuter (LISN) Program
This program helps families at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty guidelines spay or neuter their dog or cat at a reduced rate. Local vets volunteer their services for this important program. Funding for this program has run out. Please check back in 2015.

Low Income Food Bank Program
We offer dog and cat food at a low cost for those in need for up to three dogs and three cats. If your animals are spayed or neutered, please bring proof - your first visit to our food bank will be free of charge and you can receive food up to five times in a rolling calendar year. If your animals are not spayed or neutered, you may purchase food one time only for a small co-pay. Please call 269-963-1796, ext. 10 for more information.

Pet Therapy
Our volunteer-run Pet Therapy Program provides nursing home residents the opportunity to interact with our sanctuary animals. Numerous studies have shown the benefit of animal companionship for humans. Volunteer pet therapists make over 100 nursing home visits annually.

HSSCM has a great sponsorship program for individuals and families who provide monthly support for an animal in our shelter. These sponsors help to ensure that all shelter pets receive proper nutrition, warm beds, vaccinations and medical care, spaying, neutering and microchipping services, and a clean environment with enrichment activities. With a monthly commitment, sponsors receive a monthly update from a volunteer shelter correspondent and photos of their sponsored animal. Contact 269.963.1796 ext. 10 to learn more or select an animal to sponsor!

Foster Care Program
Our sanctuary, with over 100 animals, is no place for “special needs” pets, such as pregnant moms-to-be, moms with un-weaned litters, or animals confiscated as a result of abuse. Foster homes provide that special care. The Foster Care Program has saved the lives of hundreds of animals who had little hope of adoption. Want more information on becoming a foster caregiver? Please click here!

Hospice Program
HSSCM works with terminally ill individuals and their families to help care for pets in the home, or to provide sanctuary for the animals in the event that they can no longer remain in the home. HSSCM accepts responsibility for that animal until it can be adopted into a permanent, loving home.

Animal Victims of Domestic Violence
HSSCM staff responds to calls from authorities, social service agencies, and S.A.F.E. Place members regarding temporary safe shelter of victims' animals. Each year hundreds of individuals become victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. Frequently violence or the threat of violence also victimizes animals residing in those homes. When this occurs, individuals who fear for the safety of a beloved companion animal are reluctant to leave a hostile environment. It is for this reason that the AVDV Foster Care Program has been established, to provide safe, temporary sanctuary for those animal victims.

Bryan Thomas Memorial Fund for Sick and Injured Shelter Animals
The Bryan Thomas Memorial Fund (formerly the Tyson Fund) provides medical and surgical care for sick or wounded animals at the shelter. On an average, 250 animals annually are treated for anything from fractures to heartworms. Without this program, the HSSCM would not be able to treat at-risk animals that arrive with medical needs. Read about a Fund success story here!

Dogfighting is the PITS
The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) offers a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in dogfighting or cockfighting. If you have information about illegal animal fighting, you are eligible for this reward. For more information on how to stop dogfighting, click here.

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